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Welcome to our site. Here you’ll find the best tips on how to reach new heights than you currently do. This site isn’t just for for basketball players, but far anyone that wants to increase vertical jump for whatever reason.

The tips and advice here will involve the correct exercises, stretches, and food to be eaten for overall peak health and fitness levels.

Increase Vertical Jump

Improve vertical

The human body is designed to move, and without regular movement joints and muscles loose their strength. Most of the strength needed to reach new heights comes from the legs, them the waist and upper body. We can tell you to do this and that to improve vertical jump, but it’s down to you to implement a strict training regime. The top athletes get to their status by training, and each time pushing the body further. But in your case you are gradually building muscle strength, making constant tweaks in your technique, and setting new personal records for yourself and jumping higher each time.

If you are keen basketball player, you only need to look at the NBA players to see how the top players perform. Some will be able to jump higher than others. Those that can jump higher can intervene with the ball more and block more shots, they can easily slam dunk, they get more rebounds. All in all those that can jump higher become more involved in the game and much more likely to qualify for an NBA team.

There are certain qualities that basketball players tend to possess to be able to jump so high they are like superman. Ok the players are taller, but longer legs means more power from those leg muscles. They train to perfect their jump technique and muscle power. Calf raises, weight lifting, and squats are all ways to increase your leaping power. Their height will always be an advantage. There is one over advantage that people have talked about. This isn’t just for basketball players but also for athletes overall. The fact that many athletes are black people. It is thought it is in their genetics, and through evolution that they have more muscle twitch fibres which are good for running, jumping and sports overall particularly in sprint events.

Whether you have an advantage or not, to become a top basketball player, or just to increase your vertical jump, it takes training, and hard work. Guides including this one can tell you what to do, and how to do it, but they can it for you.

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